SOP for Discipline against Member 27 Mar 2008
Note on Reimbursement of Individual Mediacl Claim 24 Apr 2014
Hospital Reimbursement 14 Aug 2015
Fraudulent Membership 31 Aug 2015
Civil Proceedings- Defenceof civil Suits 04 Sep 2015
Execution of Court Decrees 21 Sep 2015
Applicability Of Consumer Protection Act 1986 Wrt ECHS 09 Oct 2015
Handiling Of RTI Cases Wrt ECHS 09 Nov 2015
Jurisdiction of CAT with respect to ECHS Contractual Employees Emp in Polyclinics/ Regional Centres or Central Org ECHS 03 Mar 2016
SOP for sisciplinary action againest empanelled hospitals diagnostic centralized centers med facilities 05 Apr 2016
Conduct of Empanelled Hosp 23 Sep 2016
CPGRAMS Central Public Grievance Redressal and Monotoring System 13 Oct 2016
Defence of ECHS Reimbursement Claim Cases in Consumer Forms 12 Nov 2016
Court Cases against Termination of Emp in ECHS 09 Nov 2016
Court Cases concerning ECHS 15 Feb 2017
Refusal of Treatment by Empanelled Hospitals 24 Mar 2017
Procedure for Fwd of Legal Casess 19 May 2017
Instructions to reply/ respond to CPGRAMS Grievances 14 Jul 2017
Complaint and Litigation Reduction Scheme Date
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