Policy & Govt Letters/Medical/Policy/Reibursement
Choice of Costlier Oil/Coronary Stent/Any Other Authorised Implant/Device/Equipment for ECHS Beneficiaries. 26 Jul 2013
Non Admissibility of Preparations Such as Food, Tonics,Cosmetics and Vaccines. 05 Aug 2013
Emp of Hosp/Nursing Homes/ and Diag Cent for ECHS. 12 Dec 2013
Use of Injectables(Anti Vegf Agents). 06 Dec 2013
Reimbursement of cost of medicines during indor Treatment in Govt Hosp. 14 Mar 2014
Clarification Regarding Admissible/Non Admissible Items Under ECHS. 05 Apr 2014
Approval for Photo Selective Vaporization of Prostate(PVP) Surgery Using Green Light Hps Fibre (Angled Delivery Divice) to be used with Hps Laser System 120 Watt(AMS). 05 Aug 2014
Guidelines and Ceilng Rates for Permission/ Reimbursement for Bariatric Surgery Procedures. 18 Jul 2014
Reimbursement of Blood Transfusion Charges. 15 Dec 2014
Guidelines and Ceilinf Rates if Liver Transplant Surgery in Respect of ECHS Beneficiaries. 28 Mar 2013
Advisory: Waivers/Sanctions at Central Org ECHS. 09 Jun 2015
Amendment to Revision of Ceiling Rates for Cardiac Implants. 17 Dec 2015
Medical Facilities for IN-Patient Treatment and Post-Operative Follow-Up Treatment to ECHS Beneficiaries. 31 Aug 2016
Fresh Insr: Waiver/Sanction (Individual Re-Imbursement). 09 Jun 2017
Revised Advisory: Waivers/Sanctions at Central Org ECHS. 12 Sep 2017
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