Medical/Advisories/Medicine & Eqpts
Issue Of Medicines To ECHS Beneficiaries 11 Apr 2011
Medicines for Veterans Travelling Abraod 02 Jun 2011
Issuance of Strips for Glucometer 01 Mar 2007
Adherance of policy on indenting/ supply of medical stoes in Respect of ECHS polyclinics 17 Apr 2007
Indenting of Medical Stores 22 Aug 2007
Issue Of Expendable Medical Stores To New Raising ECHS Polyclinics 09 May 2007
Issue of Expendable Medical Stores to New Raising ECHS Polyclinics 25 Jul 2011
Forwarding Of : Annual Equipment Census 06 Sep 2011
Repair Of ECHS Equipment 27 Jun 2011
ECHS Referral Procedure 17 Oct 2012
Choice of Costlier Iol/Coronary stent/Any other Authorised Implant/Device/Eqpt for ECHS Beneficiaries 25 Aug 2015
Essay on Authorized Medical Chemist (ALC) 18 Jul 2018
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